Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Fleagles at EC ~ Al Williamson, Roy Krenkel & Frank Frazetta

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Alec Stevens said...

These stories are an object lesson long forgotten: that the best, most inspiring comics art comes in short bursts of 6-8 pages of sustained intensity. Frazetta, Williamson, and company proved it time and again in the '50s. Berni Wrightson, Jeff Jones, and other peers of their generation proved it again in the '70s. Then some 'genius' came along in the '90s with the idea that DEcompression in comics is a good idea, that a story should be spread out over several issues in a few large panels and lots of splash pages (instead of in a single issue with 5 to 6 panels per page and maybe one or two splash pages). The result has made today's artists so daunted by the large page count that they draw in 'low gear' (read: oversimplified)---but the incentive is a lot more cash for that many more pages. Economics and art clash once again, it would seem. I'm thankful that past masters in comics art have shown us ART with a capital A.