Monday, June 23, 2014

Abyss #1 ~ 1970 ~ Berni Wrightson, Jeff Jones, Michael Kaluta & Bruce Jones

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Dan Steffan said...

I remember this fondly. It was essentially this group of artists doing their own WITZEND. The one quasi-member of this group of artist friends who always refused to do these kind of vanity monograph projects was Vaughn Bode.

He was supposed to be one of the artists in ABYSS, but later backed out. He was supposed to contribute to the HERITAGE books about Flash Gordon, too, but pulled out of that, too. He'd had bad experiences with fandom that had soured him in these kinds of projects. Jeff once said how disappointed he was that he'd never get to see Vaughn's version of Flash and Dale.

Somebody needs to do a collection of Jones' comic strips. His b&w work is unique and he was a pretty good writer, too. Did you know that he once wrote a short story that was published in AMAZING STORIES?

Great stuff. Thanks for the memories. I'll have to go find my copy one of these days.